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Cello at 2 1/2 weeks
Colors of the Bloodhound
There are three recognized colors in the Bloodhound.
Black & Tan
Liver & Tan
This page has photos of all three colors, and some of the variations of each To our right are pictures of a color not explained in our standard. To make a complicated issue easy to put into words for understanding, I am going to give a very basic explaination of color. This is what is known as a light skinned red. They have the same coloring as the liver and tan dog, but do not carry the saddle. The eyes are yellow, or a light hazel, and the nose is liver. They are registered as Reds with the AKC and will carry the recessive Liver gene. There is no disqualifying color in the breed, and although the light skinned red is not preferred, they can be very beautiful dogs.
Cello finished his championship easily in one short summer.
To the right, is Peaches. She is Liver and Tan.
Peaches is pictured being held at 5 weeks and arriving at her new home at 8 weeks. As you can see, this breed grows very quickly!
The Black & Tan puppy is born almost completely black. Parts of the legs may have a silver tint to them which will eventually turn tan. This B/T puppy is about 2 1/2 weeks of age. Next to her is a 7 week old Red with a black mask. This is known as a dark skinned Red. Some dark skinned reds do not carry the black mask, but their eyes are a deep hazel and their noses are black. The Red has the same coloring as the Black & Tan, but without the saddle.
The puppy on dad's shoulder is actually a Red. He was born with a heavy black coloring, but not solid black. He will grow up to carry that beautiful black mask, and due to his black stripe he will turn a very rich color of Red.
Zephyrus is shown at 8 weeks. He lost much of his mask around his mouth and eyes, as he got older. This left him just a rim around the eyes and mouth.

Cello at 6 1/2 weeks
Peaches at 5 weeks and 8 weeks
I Am Able
2 weeks old
(Red Male)
Riverbank's Zephyrus
8 weeks old
Above is a Black & Tan girl at about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. The Red male next to her is about 7 weeks.
Cello at 6 months
As you see, these beautiful babies grow from about 12 to 16 ounces at birth to upwards of 75 to 100 pounds at less than a year old.
If you are looking to purchase a Bloodhound, please do your homework and visit some of these animals in their homes. You might be surprised at how much slobber you come out with!

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