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Wunsom Won A Lotto Chip

April 1993 ~ December 1996

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Chip is a Tibetan Spaniel.  We bought him for Corrie for her 5th birthday.
The Tibbie breed is nothing short of outstanding in its dedication and loyalty to family.
This little guy would sleep wrapped around Corries head, or under my covers keeping my
feet warm.   He would travel room to room at night to make sure everyone was protected.
This breed was prized by the Tibetan Priests.  He kept watch from the high monastery
walls watching for strangers.  When he saw one approaching, he would sound the alarm
and the Tibetan Mastiff's would go out to see who was approaching.
He was also known as the Foot Warmer of the Dahli Lama's.
Chip was very special to our family.  His best trick was learned when we moved here
from the city.  He learned the word "Carpet".  When he came into the house with muddy feet,
I would say "Carpet".  Chip would immediately lay down and roll onto his back, muddy feet in
the air and wait for me to wipe him off. He was such a faithful dog.  He would wait for me
every night to come home from work.  He was either just inside the french doors, or up on
the wood pile on the front porch.  One night he wasn't waiting in either place.  I knew instantly
that something was wrong.  It was snowing and Chip would never wander off alone.
He has not been seen since.  Flyers placed around the entire community, police departments
and humane society proved useless.  About a year after his disappearance, our new dog
brought home a skull that much resembled that of a Tibetan Spaniel.  We fear that a pack
of coyotes cornered Chip and carried him away in the snow.  There has been no real closure
for this loss.  We miss him terribly.  So much guilt behind his loss.  Never again will I ever
trust a dog outside alone, no matter how well trained or homebound they are.
They just are not safe.  I'm sorry Chipster.  I miss you.  My feet are cold every night.
You were the best little dog in the West.  Be well my friend.

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