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Ch The Celts Cinnamon Cookie

July 1980 ~ September 1990

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Cookie was our first Bloodhound.  Dave bought her from Pete & Nancy Temple
in 1980 at 5 months old.  She was bred to Ch. Joy's Decon Blue McGee in
1983 to produce our first litter of 14 live puppies.  Cookie had a perfect
temperament and was a loving, sweet pet.  She took to the show ring in 1984
with her sons, Red and Copper. S he finished her championship in outdoor shows
as she really didn't care for being shown indoors.  She was given her first major
points in 1984, and finished in 1987.  Cookie OFA'd good in 1987 at 7 years young,
the same time that she was spayed.
Cookie passed over to the Rainbow Bridge in 1990.
Now she runs free again without mom having to chase her!
I love you Cookie.
Cause of death: Lymphosarcoma

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