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Ch Riverbanks' Aglaia

February 1987 ~ November 1992

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Laia was born February 17, 1987 and was Zephyrus's littermate.
She was always such a happy soul that loved to chase cats and butterflies!
She would never harm them, but if they ran, or flew, they were fair game.
Laia had her left hip dislocated at the tender age of 2 weeks.
Her momma accidentally stepped on her in the whelping box.
We kept her because we were concerned that there would be future
problems with that hip.  At the age of 3, she began to show signs of
nerve damage. She saw several specialists to see if there was anything
that could be done, to no avail.  By the time she was 5 she had lost the use
of her left hind leg and the muscle had begun to atrophy. She could no
longer climb up onto the couch without severe pain, she could no longer
play chase the kitty's, sleep with me on the bed, or keep up with the
butterflies flying from bush to bush.  Pain medications stopped working
and her quality of life was severly compromised.  She went to the Rainbow
Bridge in November of 1992.  A more painful decision has never been made.
I miss you my sweet Laia... I know there are lots of Butterfly bushes where
you are, and butterflies in the All The Colors of the Wind.

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