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Ch Brewdun's Peaseblossom, TD

April 1985 ~ June 1987

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Sweetpea came to me in 1985 from Eva Dunkel.  She was one of the most beautiful
creatures to ever walk the face of the earth.  She had personality, energy, brains and
compassion.   She always knew when I  was in need of a friend.  She would be there,
her head on my knee, looking up with the most beautiful eyes that were full of
understanding.   Sweetpea started her show career out by going BOS at the
Canadian Bloodhound Club National Specialty in 1986, and finished her American
championship by winning a 5 point major.  She was bred to Ch Coffeys' Riverbank Red Alert,
CD in December of 1986, and gave us 10 beautiful babies in February of '87.
Just weeks after whelping the babies, Sweetpea went into the field to earn her TD title.
A short 3 months later she was gone.  She had a deadly habit.  Rocks.  She would eat rocks.
Sweetpea, I miss you so much.  I miss the games you would play at bath time.
I miss you when I'm blue, I miss you when I think of starting Tracking again, I miss you when
I use hot dogs for treats, I miss you when I bake liver cookies, I miss the way you
would talk to me.  I miss seeing you laying on the floor in the livingroom, I miss you when
I throw a stick and I miss you kissing the tears from my face.
I miss you right now, more than ever.  I wish there was more I could have done my dear girl,
you know I would have gone there...anywhere to save my best girl.
Please take care of your kids, they are all with you now.
Make sure they don't forget me.  I know you never will forget, and you know I never will either.

I love you Tweeters.

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