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Dave & Terri Coffey
Rainier, Oregon

Member of the American Bloodhound Club
Member of the
Pacific Rim Bloodhound Club

CH Mason's Fainthearted Fortune "Sasha"

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My Pedigree

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Sasha is my best friend. She is now spayed and working her obedience. We have also started in Novice Agility! Watch for this young fireball in the obedience ring in 2002!

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The History
of Riverbank

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The story of how Riverbank came to be, where we were, and where we are going. Some of the dogs produced by us, and those we loved.

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Photos by Terri

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A Photo Album of a few of my favorite photos.
Not all Bloodhounds, but enjoyable just the same!

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More Sasha

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Mason's Fainthearted Fortune pictured in different poses, some with her little girl, Corrie.

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The Masterpiece

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The Masterpiece Litter photo is up on this page.
Ten little Bloodhounds all in a row!  Links to other Bloodhound pages too!

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Colors of the Bloodhound

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Here are pictures of the different colors of Bloodhound puppies and a brief explanation of the colors.

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Rainbow Bridge

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The Rainbow Bridge is the place where our animals go to run and play in the sunshine while they await our coming to cross the bridge with them.

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The Pacific Rim Bloodhound Club

So You Want A Bloodhound? - Please read this page before you decide to get a bloodhound!

Pacific Rim Bloodhound Rescue Committee - BLOODHOUNDS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

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