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Oregon Equestrian Trails Columbia County Chapter

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Welcome to our web site!

The people and organizations that make up OET work to establish and maintain equestrian trails and camps throughout the state of Oregon. OET cooperates to make sure all state and federal fish, game and forest laws are enforced fairly, and to help improve the regulations that govern activities in the back country and wilderness areas, especially pertaining to horse use. OET links horse people together by relaying news about the activities, objectives and problems of its members, and helps solve those problems whenever it can. Above all, Oregon Equstrian Trails encourages and works for the preservation of the forests, wildlife and natural resources of the Pacific Northwest.

Pictured on the right: Columbia County Parks Commission members,Tim Ohling and Bill Eagle; Columbia County Horseman Assoc. (and OET) members, Mike & Lisa Witzel; County Commissioner, Tony Hyde; CC Parks Commission member (and OET), Carole Smith; Columbia County Posse member (and OET), Rachael Kraske; Columbia County Parks supervisor, Dave Hill; 2006 Columbia County Rodeo Court, Queen Lacy Osterman; Friends of Dibblee Point chairman, Lori Baker; and Judge Berkeley Smith were a few who attended the ribbon cutting at Camp Wilkerson.

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Bob Rice
Working at Camp Wilkerson

Lori Baker, Columbia County Parks Employee
Cutting downfall in the camp

Charlotte Degerness
Taking a break

Trish Ballard
Riding at Sheep Springs in Central Oregon


The beginning of a new horse camp
An historic day for Columbia County

The "No Horses Allowed" sign

Rory Hammond
Columbia County Chapter Chairman 2004 - 2006

Columbia County Parks Workers
Chipping debris from the camp area

Bob Spillman
We play as hard as we work!

Rory & Cathryn Hammond
The most common view of Tennessee Walkers!

Chapter Chairman - Rory Hammond
Chapter Vice Chairman - Bob Rice
Chapter Secretary - Terri Coffey
Chapter Treasurer - Pat Landers
Field Services - Carole Smith

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